Sunday, 11 August 2013

Standing Room Only: Outstanding

I have been to SRO many times before and see it as the benchmark against which to compare coffee places in Perth. Evidently, they are getting more of a reputation as they are getting busier and today was no exception. Upon arrival there were a few people in there and, as the name suggests, it was tighter than a baby mouses ear as we maneuvered to the register to place our order.
The choice of blend is harder to pick than a broken nose due to the wide array of quality they have on offer. We settled on the house blend 'Rock'n'Rolla' and while we were waiting we read up on the origin of the blend.
50% Burundi : 30% Ethiopia : 20%Brazil. I'm not Ghana lie, this unique type of blend is what sets SRO apart from the pack.
Hakeem Olajuwan would be proud of the authority with which the barista slam dunked the extraction on this occasion. It was a near perfect espresso shot, which is what I have come to expect from this place. I have nick named the barista the 'Mailman' because he always delivers.
The blend was unique. I can't say it's a favourite of mine but it's definitely.... different. I'd be lion if I said it wasn't worthy of your money. African love this place but at the end of the day my opinion is irrelephant because I think anyone who enjoys a coffee owes to their taste buds to go there.
I rate this 17 out of 20. I should point out that customer service was straight from the top shelf - polite, helpful and laid back, without the pretentious and self-important vibe that a lot of 'indie' coffee shop baristas convey. Two marks were lost on this occasion purely due to the blend. Granted it was my choice but that's the nature of the beast. The other mark was for the choice of music. Either way - the double espresso made this reviewer purr like a wolverine.
SRO, it's going to take a whole lot to take me away from you. There's nothing that a hundred other coffee shops and/or espresso bars could ever do.

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