Sunday, 11 August 2013

Mini Espresso: Pistol Pete serves Espresso Ace

Mini-espresso lacks a girthy shop front rendering it easy to miss to the casual passer-by, as eluded to in previous reviews. It would struggle to hold the Williams sisters standing side-by-side, but they make an efficient use of the space nonetheless.
The customer service game is seeded first out of all Perth cafe's previously reviewed. Pistol Pete and the staff are casual-yet-professional, skilled in their craft, and even returned serve to obnoxious banter being dished out by Milk-Guzzling Morris, our mixed doubles partner.
They used a relatively timid house blend for our espressos, so if you're looking for an explosion of flavour in your mouth from your coffee - you may be slightly underwhelmed. However, the coffee was extracted very well. On a ratings scale of taste and likeability of Damir Dokic being filthy to Pat Rafter being delicious - it would sit snuggly next to P.Rafter. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can see myself returning regularly.
I rate this 16.5 Woody's out of a possible 20. After all, it's not size - it's how you use it. This maxim is definitely not lost on Pistol Pete.

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