Sunday, 11 August 2013

Ristretto Espresso: A-Grade

25-30 seconds. The length of time it should take to extract an espresso shot from ground beans. Ristretto Espresso have this down to perfection.
Having ordered a double-espresso, the skill of the barista and the flavour of the blend manifested itself in a mardi-gras of fruity-flavours that is unlike any that I've yet to experience in a coffee in Perth CBD. As though inspired by Patrick Swayze from Ghost - the beans are ground in a meticulous and precise fashion, and it shows.
Whilst I don't see myself as a fedora-wearing, iMac toting, hipster-sympathising coffee-snob, my enthusiasm for a good espresso has seen me try a vast number of cafes across Perth and, in particular, the CBD. I do have my particular favourites where my loyalties lie - however Ristretto Espresso is as good as, if not better than, anything I've had in recent times.
Shoe-horned into a crevice in Howard Street, it might be easy to miss. I recommend this place because the passion/enthusiasm of the head-roaster/owner comes through in the quality of the coffee.
18.5 out of 20. It will be most satisfying 25-30 seconds that you're likely to experience in your day.

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