Sunday, 11 August 2013

Llama Espresso: A1. Very Good.

Llama espresso originated in the 1500s when the Dalai Lama at the time bestowed upon his kingdom the first ever espresso coffee that Tibet has ever seen. The secret ingredient was sweat from the scalp and bare stomach of the Dalai Lama that was collected by a fleet of local concubines, bottled, and kept in perfect fermenting conditions for three phases of the moon. When it was just right - it was extracted, 30mls at a time and served to the royalty and high-net-worth individuals of the time.
Fast forward to 2012 , the geniuses at Llama Espresso have managed to capture that flavour in bean form and thus the 'llama espresso blend' was formed. The extra 'L' in 'Llama' is the roman numeral for the number of Dalai Lama's that have since added their holy nectar to the blend.
One of the most, if not THE MOST, flummoxing first world dillamas that faces workers in the CBD is the location of the best coffee in Perth. Today, it was this reviewers turn to see what all the fuss was about Llama Espresso was about.
By jingo by crickey did they deliver. The customer service was fantastic and although it was 'peak-hour' - the wait was over before you could say 'the human torch was denied a bank loan'.
The quality of the coffee was fantastic and is on par with the best I've had. Extracted to perfection, the dark chocolatey undertones invaded my taste buds with ferocity and it definitely Alpaca's a punch.
A fair rating would be 18.5 Llamas out of 20. Just as if you cut too many corners you'll end up going in circles, Llama Espresso cut no corners in delivering a seriously A1 grade coffee.

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