Sunday, 11 August 2013

Lowdown: Here's the Lowdown - They are the duck's nuts

Having frequented Lowdown on multiple occasions before, it was time to articulate my fondness for this mob in an Urbanspoon Review.
The dudes that work down there are the toppest of blokes and second to none in the all-important category of customer service. They are seriously laid back, friendly and have a sense of humour. Exhibit A being the 50c 'douche tax' that sits on the menu that gets a hearty chortle out of me everytime I see it. Luckily I'm yet to be slapped with such a heinous penalty, but I'd imagine it would be tempting to enforce the fine one of the self-important, blue-tooth headset wearing, loud mouthed business people that swarm the area.
My weapon of choice was a double espresso and as per usual they did not disappoint. It was extracted near flawlessly and exhibited a full-bodied flavour that left me purring.
My colleague purchased a short-mac and provided the following insight.
"The warm creamy texture of the milk in conjunction with the nigh-perfect coffee shot was incredibly satisfying", he said. "It was as though the God of Coffee grabbed me by the scruff of the neck, and dripped pure bliss down my gullet with his shiva-like lingum. If I were cleaning my ears with cotton buds at the same time as consuming this delight, I would have blacked out from the pure bliss overload".
18 out of 20. They are the business.

Lowdown on Urbanspoon

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