Sunday, 11 August 2013

Basilica: Safe

You can't spell Basilica without B.A.S.I.C. Now this doesn't necessarily have negative connotations when it comes to the coffee market in Perth - because they do the Basics very well. The blend won't be as extravagant as some of the top-shelf cafes in Perth, but the quality of coffee served certainly surpasses the bigger coffee-chains within the immediate vicinity.
Reliable, packs a punch and black with a smooth finish are characteristics that this reviewer looks for in a second hand car, a woman and a Double Espresso. All three boxes were ticked on this occasion. Technically - it was slightly over-extracted and a touch on the burnt side, but not to the extent that you'd consider not finishing it or having a sook about it.
We had two customer service interactions. The first who took our order was friendly and even tolerated our colleague - Indecisive Ian - who kept changing his mind about the length of Mac that he wanted in and around his mouth.
The second - who delivered our coffee - was less receptive to our farm-boy charm. She wore an expression akin to someone who inadvertently stumbled into the red zone of someone dropping their lunch on a packed d-floor.
Just as you can count on Bernard Tomic to chuck a wobbly when things don't go his way, you can count on Basilica for a coffee experience that will satisfy the majority of city-goers.
14.5 out of 20 baby Seals would be a fair rating.

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