Sunday, 11 August 2013

Greenhouse: Danny Greenhouse lands espresso shot to the tastebuds

Much like the ancient Chinese proverb 'Does a man get twice as large, or disappear, upon eating himself?', attempting to answer the question of 'Where can I buy Perths best double espresso?' leaves you pondering.
Don't let the overly-pretentious and hipster stereotype deter you. Weighing in at a well-priced $3.00 - my DOUBLE (yes, Double - I'm not RVSP here, so I'm not interested in singles! Ha!) Espresso delivered. The trifecta - Smell, Taste, Aesthetics - delivered a punch that a boozed-up David Warner would be proud of.
I am seriously impressed with this one. This place is the Rocky Balboa of coffee joints within the immediate vacinity.
Id rate this 6 Fedoras out of 7 on the Vorkinator Scale.
Note: Half a mark was deducted from the overall experience due to the bland and uninterested barista who had an expression on their face not dissimilar to someone who has been sucking on a lemon. Perhaps smiling is too mainstream.

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