Sunday, 11 August 2013

Cheeky Sparrow: Great Odin's Raven - A Royal Flush.

As we haven't heard enough about the "Royal Baby" this week, a royal flavour will be weaved into the fabric of this review by using a royal-family-member rating system for various elements of the experience.
Ambiance: Prince Harry
Not so much the ginger elements, more the non-conventional decor which is strangely alluring. The setting is cheekier than an episode of the biggest loser and provides a fantastic setting in which to escape the hustle and bustle and/or headlines about the royal baby.
Customer Service: Prince William.
Handsome, regal and likable. Both gentlemen who served us were good lads. A special mention goes to the barista who is known to this reviewer - he knows his way around group heads, ground beans and espresso shots of happiness like few others.
Blend: "Fergie" - Duchess of York.
The blend produced a Fergie-like flavour: thick, heavy at the bottom end and leaves an after taste in your mouth that you're unlikely to forget. It was a dark, chocolatey roast with a hint of Princess Beatrice (bitterness) that accentuated the flavour unlike any that I've tried recently.
Double Espresso Quality: The King (Elvis, of course)
Smooth. Only the most suspicious mind could find fault in what I was served.
Rating: 16.5 crown jewels out of 20. To say that the Cheeky Sparrow does not produce some of the best coffee in town would be more controversial than if the royal baby grew up with an uncanny physical resemblance to Prince Harry.

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