Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sentinel Bar and Grill: Sentinel's Soliloquy: Serving 'Spressos Satisfactorily

As is the nature of the cafe/coffee-shop market along the Terrace, it is difficult for a particular place to break from the Peloton. Sentinel, is no different.
Without arousing any particular inspiration, the espresso coffees we had were very well made. It exhibited a conventional flavour profile and is a safe choice for any one passing by who is longing for a coffee hit. Only the most pretentious hipster coffee snobs would thumb their nose at Sentinel's product.
The excellent customer service experience combined with the pricing point and ambiance of the setting are an axis of positives that would be remiss of this reviewer to ignore.
Sentinel Prime transforms coffee beans into a caffeine-infused, moist, espresso nectar, without transforming the face of the coffee market in Perth.
A sufficient rating would be 14 Royal Babies out of a possible 20. Not least because that's how old the royal baby will be by the time it hatches.

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