Sunday, 11 August 2013

Maven Espresso: That's so-so, Maven.

Having read the reviews on Maven, I went in with relatively enchubbened expectations of receiving a brewed delight in the form of a freshly ground double espresso.
Much to my chagrin, it was weak and bitter. The anti-climatic experience is akin to expecting Miranda Kerr giving you a full body massage wearing nothing but lacey-under garments but instead being on the receiving end of a back rub from Kochie in red budgie smugglers.
Perhaps the coffee beans weren't stored in appropriate atmospheric conditions. Perhaps the grind was chucking a tantrum and refusing to play well with others. Either way - these are the basics that need to hit for six everytime highly pressurised water is passed through beans and slam dunked into your cup.
In the cut-throat Perth CBD coffee market, consistency is critical. The reviewer acknowledges that this may be an anomaly in a cavalcade of divine, silky caffeine juice that they produce. But unlike the current state of Australian politics, one can't be judged on making grandiose promises that don't end up being delivered upon.
11 Budgie-smugglered Kochies out of 20 is an apt rating. As both the mental image conjured and the double espresso consumed leave the same aftertaste.

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