Sunday, 11 August 2013

Bar Lafayette: A Juxtaposed Experience

My review shall address two distinct characteristics of my experience. Namely: The Ambiance & The Double Espresso.
Having perused 'Urbanspoon' for an appropriate place to enjoy a quaint coffee, I decided upon 'Bar Lafayette' for no reason other than the ease at which the name rolls off the tongue.
The kind & presentable gentleman welcomed us upon arrival, promptly took our orders and kindly invited us to take a seat in the one of the adjacent rooms.
We were flummoxed by the quaint, delicate & safe setting that awaited. It was a nice escape from the hustle and bustle of the Terrace. The soothing, aural stimulation provided by dulcet tones of Frank Sinatra was perfect.
Alas, much to my chagrin, the double espresso failed to live up to expectations. I believe the coffee beans were ground with the fury of 1000 angry gods as the espresso shots were over-extracted and tasted burnt as evidenced by the shambolic creme.
If one were to anthropromorphise this experience it would read as follows:
Ambiance: Frank Sinatra - 5/5.
Coffee: Matthew Newton. - 1/5

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